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best friend


nowadays 16 & 17 years old couples be spending the night at each others houses

not sure how y’all parents are but mine don’t play that shit

m a y b e    w e ’ r e 
                                  f   i   r   e   p   r   o   o   f

Pasadena, California - September 11th


fourth tattoo done today (((:

@ItsJamieScott: @NiallOfficial came to say hi and me and Dylan wished him a happy birthday. What a dude!

@TheTodayShow: Don’t miss @RichardWilkins funny chat with @Harry_Styles and birthday boy, @NiallOfficial!

i saw this and spiralled

August 4th, 2014
Metlife Stadium


crazy how i actually felt comfortable for the first time ever in a shirt that showed a part of my stomach. 

Niall’s friend posted this picture on instagram 

four - polaroid cover.